Developing Plating Technologies that Support the Global Electronics Industry

Since its foundation in 1971, Japan Pure Chemical Co., Ltd. (JPC) has developed, manufactured, and sold plating solutions of various noble metals with a focus on promising electronics fields. In the noble metal functional plating market, JPC has gained overwhelming superiority in technology, market share, and services and established a leading position.
The electronics industry is changing rapidly, with intense competition in the development of chemicals for plating technologies of noble metals, and we are conducting strategic business activities from a variety of angles, including developing new products, introducing new technologies, expanding our worldwide sales network, and enhancing our marketing research capabilities. Amidst the intense technological innovation in the electronics parts industry, we constantly remain at the vanguard and contribute to society through highly-reliable and outstanding technology. JPC seeks to make significant achievements as an industry-leading company that can compete globally.

Fundamental Management Principles

Maintain the confidence to support the foundations
for development in the electronics industry
and an awareness of our social mission as a global company.

Gain customer confidence and trust by continuously
undertaking the challenges of new products, technologies,
and markets and through timely responses to market needs.

Build Customer Satisfaction
by Accepting Challenges and through Speed.
CS by CS (Customers Satisfaction by Challenge & Speed)

Achieve mutually-beneficial relationships with local communities
through environmental preservation and safety management.

Observe corporate conduct guidelines in good faith
and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.