What is the Main Products? Manufacture Noble Metal Plating Chemicals

Business development specialized in noble metal plating chemicals

JAPAN PURE CHEMICAL (JPC) specializes and develops the business in plating chemicals for applying noble metals used as contacts for electronic components. Most of electronic devices are made up of many combinations of electronic components. If the components can not be joined well, the device itself will not work. In other words, our products are indispensable for electronic devices.

Autocatalytic Palladium  Autocatalytic Gold  Immersion Gold  Electrolytic Soft Gold  Electrolytic Soft Gold  Electrolytic Palladium

Final products utilizing our chemicals

Our business supports various final products indispensable in everyone's life, such as smartphones, personal computers, digital cameras, and automobiles.

  • Mobilephone・Smartphone

  • Personal Computer

  • Digital Camera

  • Automobile

How Much is the Industry Share? Top Share in the Worldwide Market of Plating Chemicals for Electronic Components

Since its foundation in 1971, JPC has been developing, manufacturing and selling gold plating chemicals, silver plating chemicals and palladium plating chemicals for semiconductor packages and connectors, by focusing on the electronics field as our primary business domain. JPC has been amassing technologies over many years through our proprietary research and development system. JPC has gained overwhelming superiority in the noble metal plating market with respect to technologies, market share and services, and has achieved the top share in the worldwide market of plating chemicals for electronic components.

What is the Strength? Selected Few Business Structure with High Expertise and High Productivity

High expertise realizes high reliability and meets customer needs.

By narrowing our targets to the niche field on "noble metal plating processes" in the cutting-edge electronics industry, JPC deepens our technologies and takes needs in advance. In addition, JPC realizes cost saving effects for expensive noble metals and has created a highly profitable product lineup, and a clear distinction compared with general manufacturing industries which require economies of scale by mass production.

Selected few structure realizes high mobility and makes internal decisions promptly.

JPC is characterized by the speed of communication and improvement cycles that is possible because small but highly efficient technical staff are developing and manufacturing. Furthermore, by operating an organization in which all divisions (marketing, technical, manufacturing, and administrative divisions) are together at one location, JPC can better make internal decisions and meet customer needs promptly.

Formulation task realizes high flexibility and high productivity.

JPC does not need any large scale plants by the system of procuring raw materials etc. from external partners. JPC enables to provide high value-added products compatible with a large item small scale production by focusing on formulation task in the manufacturing processes of plating chemicals.

For the Future? Toward Next Themes While Reliably Maintaining Current Customers and Business

Developing New Technologies

JPC will increase the number of types of Protect Agent which is our proprietary technology and propose new technologies by combining with new substrate materials.

Protecting Agent is a series of organic compounds that selectively absorbs on specific metals and controls plating reaction and physical property of coating by the property of donating or withdrawing electrons.

Nurturing New Business

JPC will break away from the business structure with a high dependence on smartphones by nurturing businesses that will become the next pillars from "new technologies" such as alloy plating, sealing agents, and base metal plating.

  • Alloy plating
  • Sealing agents
  • Base metal plating