Japan Pure Chemical's Business Model

Japan Pure Chemical (JPC) is commonly mistaken for a startup because of its small management team and management buyout (MBO) and because its shares are traded on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In fact, JPC was founded in 1971 and has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing. During this time, it has developed a highly profitable business model without struggling in investing in people, goods, and funds. By narrowing our targets to noble metal plating processing in the cutting-edge electronics industry and implementing cost-savings for expensive noble metals, including non-manufacturing aspects such as consulting solutions, we have created a highly profitable product lineup and a clear distinction from general manufacturing industries, which must seek economies of scale.

Our Business Model

  • 1. Focus

    Focusing on the field of electronics in plating applications, advance the technologies and identify needs beforehand.

  • 2. Speed

    Operating an organization in which the Sales, Technical, Manufacturing and Operations divisions are together at one location, internal decisions can be made and customer needs can be met promptly.

  • 3. Formulation

    Focusing on formulation in the manufacturing processes of plating chemicals and outsourcing processes related to source materials(under nondisclosure agreements),maintain an agile business structure.

Our Business Model:Proprietary technology, Selection and concentration, Speed, and Formulation, → Accumulation of expertise and Accumulation of trust, → Strong profitability and Superior competitiveness.
  • Key Points in Assessing JPC's Performance

    When assessing JPC's performance, the focus should be on gross profit rather than sales revenues. Sales revenues vary greatly depending on whether or not noble metals are also sold. noble metals are expensive and have a major impact on sales revenues. Even when we sell noble metals, however, we obtain no income other than a commission and as such earnings are negligible, gross profit does not increase. Accordingly, it is possible to estimate the sales volume of JPC's manufactured chemicals by looking at gross profit.

Characteristics of JPC's Products

  • 1. High Quality, High Performance

    JPC's plating solutions exhibit excellent product quality, such as resistance to corrosion of deposited noble metal films, high speed and stable plating solutions, and uniform plating layers.

  • 2. Lower Costs through the Use of Smaller Quantities of noble Metals

    JPC products contribute to higher yields in user plating processes and smaller volumes of noble metals used.

  • 3. Ease and Flexibility of Use

    JPC's plating solutions respond flexibly to changes in mass production plating conditions and plating solution composition, the presence of impurities, and so on. This minimizes control issues in plating processes and contributes to higher efficiency.

  • High Quality, High Performance

    High performance means that the noble metal thin films created using JPC plating solutions are excellent. Achieving high performance necessitates a high degree of purity in thin metal films or a low level of variation in the composition and the proper crystalline structure, depending on the application. JPC's plating solutions apply the proprietary basic technologies necessary to achieve this. High quality means that our plating solutions are easy to control, and through the provision of tailored technology services, user plating processes are performed stably for thin metal films with low levels of variation. Achieving high quality requires thin metal films of uniform thickness, broad process tolerances that can respond flexibly to changes in plating operations, monitoring of changes in the composition of customer solutions, and the provision of appropriate guidance. JPC has the basic technologies and technology services to carry this out.