Proprietary technology for a brighter future

Japan Pure Chemical CO.,LTD. (the Company) is primarily engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of chemicals for the noble metal plating of contacts and connectors for the attachment of electronic components on printed circuit boards (including package substrates), and for connectors and lead frames. The Company is particularly skilled in the provision of comprehensive proposals that extend to advice on processes and after-sales services. This makes possible the development, manufacture and sale of products that closely match the needs of customers.

Since its establishment in July 1971, the Company has consistently targeted the electronics industry. As a result, the Company has grown along with this industry through the provision of gold plating chemicals for semiconductor packages and connectors, silver plating chemicals, and palladium plating chemicals. When developing new products, the Company employs internal resources rather than relying on the adoption of technology from overseas, a stance that has resulted in the accumulation over many years of a storehouse of technology.

Types of Functional Plating and Their Usage


    Soft gold plating


    Electrolytic Bath operating with less Au content used for wire-bonding connection of IC packages

    Electrolytic plating

    Hard gold plating(gold alloy)

    OROBRIGHT Series

    Used for contacting connections of connectors and the like BAR7 for fine connectors


    Electrolytic Pd


    Lead frame application NANO2 for ultra-thin PPF plating

    Electroless plating

    Displacement plating

    IM-GOLD Series

    Used for ACF connection and soldering for mobile phone circuit boards
    IB2 IB2X OM for smart phone circuit boards

    Electroless plating

    Auto catalytic plating

    NEO GOLD Series

    Used for servers and desktop PCs MPU package NEOGOLD-PN

Business flow diagram

Business flow diagram